Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Day 65 - Pietrasanta

After a long and cold walk in the rain we arrived in the beautiful city of Pietrasanta.

The streets were full of water but that didn't stop us.

Though wet and tired we took a moment and admired all the beauty that surrounded us.

Feeling like celebrities we walked through a picture frame that was set up for tourists at the entrance to the old part of the city :-)

As we walked down the beautiful cobbled streets we were happy that we had finally arrived.

As we entered the main square the beauty of the cathedral took our breath away.......

...then we noticed the statue of the soccer players ;-)

The next morning that very statue was removed which brought about lots of emotions since soccer is Italy's favourite and almost a religious like sport.

People came from every direction watching and commenting as it left the square.

We also had to say goodbye to our fellow Canadian pilgrim Jean -Pierre.....it was a pleasure :-)

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