Sunday, 1 September 2013

Day 46/47- Bard, Pont St. Marten & Ivrea

It's hard walking in the Valle d'Aosta, for there is so much beauty around me that I keep stopping and taking pictures which makes getting to my next destination that much more difficult.

The vineyards here are amazing, terraces upon terraces wind up the mountains, making me wonder what lengths these farmers had to go to to achieve such perfection in the mastery of wine making.

The Bard Castle which in fact is actually a 19th century fortress made me realize what can be done when there is fear of danger.

In Pont St. Martin I got to walk across the famous bridge that dates back to around 75BC. Legends say it was built by the devil himself.

The Roman town of Ivrea took my breath away with it's picturesque setting, beautiful architecture and amazing views.

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