Saturday, 24 August 2013

Day 41/42 - The Great Saint Bernard Pass

Walking along the most ancient route through the Western Alps isn't easy but once you get up here the feeling is amazing :-)

The pass has been in use since the Bronze Age, by armies as well as ordinary people who used the pass to trade goods between Northern Europe and Italy.

Napoleon and his army made their way through here in 1800, leaving behind a debt of Fr 40 000, after consuming  21 724 bottles of wine, a tone of cheese and 800kg of meat!!! .... I plan to be a little less extravagant ;-)

The hospice which is run by Augustine monks, was founded by St. Bernard of Menthon. Pilgrims and travellers can find refuge here, which is exactly what one needs after the tough climb.

The Grand St. Bernard Pass marks my halfway point to Rome, and though I'm tired and cold I'm so grateful and happy I'm here!!!

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