Saturday, 3 August 2013

Day 20/21 - Walking through the vineyards of Champagne

As I walk through vineyards that will produce some of the world's best Champagnes I think to myself, WOW this is a real Art-form. Most of these families have been doing this for generations; teaching each other the ins and outs of the trade and passing down all the wisdoms that has been acquired over decades. I see farmers tending to their grapes making sure that last night's showers mad no damage. I think to myself, what would it be like to live here for a year, to see the whole process come to life. I walk and I think about all this, I would love to discuss this with someone but there is no one here. Though I'm three weeks into this strenuous walk I still haven't met another pilgrim on foot on the trail.
So I walk all alone and I think!

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  1. Your doing great, loving this blog. Feeling melancholy right now. Good luck Kinga.