Sunday, 14 July 2013

Day 1 - The Adventure Begins :-)

.... here in front of the Canterbury Cathedral.
After morning mass and a proper pilgrims' blessing, I go where few have gone before me.
My destination is Rome, only 2075km (1290miles) away ;-)
Both excited and scared I take my first steps and hope for the best adventure yet!

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  1. Hey !! Good luck on your adventure!! I'm beginning to get itchy feet myself and am thinking a lot about picking up my pilgrimage to Rome where I left off a couple of years ago (in Besancon) I think you read my blog. The Via Francigena, in France can be quite a lonely walk, but the scenery and wildlife are amazing !! Great to see you doing it though, I'll defiantly keep reading your blog, very inspiring.
    Danny X.